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Aesthetic Dental Strategies: Art, Science and Technology

Aesthetic Dental Strategies: Art, Science and Technology

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In this beautifully illustrated volume, the author encourages readers to understand natural tooth forms through simple observation in order to create dental restorations that look natural in the context of the mouth, face, personality, and age of the specific patient being treated. The author focuses on the morphologic characteristics of teeth and their relationship to the surrounding structures, such as the lips and gingiva. The text also examines the tooth surface at the micro and macro levels and how its effects on light reflection can change the appearance, size, and morphology of teeth. All the phenomena and optical properties that must be understood and re-created in restorations in order to achieve lifelike results are analyzed, and a classification based on the shape and contour of the tooth is presented. Clinical cases provide practical application of these concepts.
- Observation of Nature
- Natural Phenomena
- Layering Technique
- Clinical Cases
- Aesthetic Integration

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