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Best Practices in Endodontics

Best Practices in Endodontics

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A Desk Reference

This book is a compilation of practical information shared by some of the finest clinical endodontists in the world. Most of the chapters are short and focus on how to perform a single clinical procedure. They are written in simple language with ample photographic support. This book provides guidance for most common endodontic procedures but also for some procedures that are less common, such as how to treat teeth containing Russian Red; surgical extrusion; root submergence; and decompression. Because most of the procedures described are performed under a dental operating microscope, there are chapters on operatory design for microscopic endodontics, microscope ergonomics for the doctor and assistant, and how to set up and use a microscope for photography and video documentation. In addition, two chapters are devoted exclusively to understanding and applying CBCT imaging. Written at a specialist level, the book serves as a desk reference for clinical procedures and as a daily practical guide, but it contains information that is useful to anyone who aspires to perform endodontics at a high level. 


Part I: The Dental Operating Microscope
01. Operatory Design and Ergonomics for Microscope Endodontics
02. Setting Up Your Dental Operating Microscope for Photography
03. Setting Up Your Dental Operating Microscope for Videography
04. Photodocumentation for Endodontics
05. Training as Assistant to Work Under an Operating Microscope

Part II: Cone Beam Computed Tomography and Endodontics
06. Incorporating CBCT Imaging into Endodontics
07. Clinical Applications of CBCT Imaging in Endodontics

Part III: Nonsurgical Endodontic Procedures
08. Access Cavity Preparations
09. Working Length
10. Preparation of the Root Canal System
11. Clinical Management of Calcified Teeth
12. Clinical Management of Severely Curved Canals
13. Obturating with Gutta-Percha Master Cones
14. Obturation with High-Temperature, Thermoplasticized, Injectable Gutta-Percha
15. Clinical Management of C-Shaped Canal Configurations

Part IV: Retreatment
16. Bypassing Ledges, Separated Instruments, and Other Obstructions
17. Removing Metal and Fiber Posts
18. Removing Silver Points and Gutta-Percha Carriers
19. Retreatment of Teeth Containing "Russian Red" Endodontic Paste
20. Repair of Iatrogenic Perforations

Part V: Restorative Considerations
21. Evaluating Restorability Prior to Treatment
22. The Pre-Endodontic Buildup
23. The Customized Resin Matrix
24. Restorative Procedures with Posts
25. Esthetic Restoration of Access Cavities
26. Bonding to Ceramic Materials

Part VI: Resorption
27. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Resorption
28. Nonsurgical Treatment of Invasive Cervical Resorption
29. Surgical Treatment of Invasive Cervical Resorption
30. Treatment of Internal Resorption and External Inflammatory Resorption
31. Flapless Decoronation for Teeth with Replacement Resorption

Part VII: Trauma Management
32. Immediate Surgical Extrusion
33. Orthodontic Extrusion
34. Clinical Management of Horizontal Fractures
35. Clinical Management of Incisors with Complex Fractures

Part VIII: Other Topics
36. Clinical Management of Teeth with Open Apices with the Apical Barrier Technique
37. Vital Pulp Therapy in Immature Teeth
38. Decompression
39. Suturing Under the Microscope
40. Keys to Effective Communication
41. Quality Intraoral Radiography for Endodontics

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