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Color in Dentistry

Color in Dentistry

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CHU Stephen, SAILER Irena, PARAVINA Rade, Mieleszko Adam


A Clinical Guide to Predictable Esthetics

1. Color Education and Training
• Cultivating the skill of shade matching • Currently available shade-matching publications and programs
2. Color Theory
• The Physics of color • Color perception • Color mixing • Color in dentistry
3. Elements Affecting Color
• Illumination • Clinical lighting challenges • Contrast effects and optical illusions • Viewer-associated effects • Other appearance attributes and color perception
4. The United Colors of Dentistry: White, Pink, and Skin
• Optical properties of teeth: White • Optical properties of gingiva: Pink • Means for the evaluation of white and pink esthetics • Optical properties of skin: Variety
5. Conventional Visual Shade Matching
• Shade guides • Factors influencing shade matching • Shade-matching protocol
6. Technology-Based Shade Matching
• Development of technology-based shade systems • Color measurement in dentistry • Technology-based shade-matching workflow • A combined technology-based shade-matching protocol
7. Digital Photography
• Camera system equipment • Principle-based photography concepts • Image management • Color communication
8. Material Selection
• Color compatibility • Color stability • Color interactions • Color matching with mixed or dissimilar restoration types
9. Clinical Management of Hard and Soft Tissue Discolorations
• Managing discolored nonvital tooth stumps and gingiva • Color-matching strategies for discolored vital stump shades • Implant abutment material selection relative to peri-implant soft tissue thickness
10. Esthetics with Pink Restorative Materials
• Papillae display in the smile • The patient's perception of papillae loss in the smile • Negative outcomes without pink restorative materials • Correction of defects with pink restorative materials
11. Predictable Color Reproduction and Verification
• Seven steps to a successful shade match
12. Clinical Cases

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