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Dental Photography: Portfolio Guidelines

Dental Photography: Portfolio Guidelines

SKU : 9781850972976
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Dental photography is an essential part of modern dental practice. Perfect digital photographs are a valuable asset for case documentation, analysis, and esthetic treatment planning. They form an indispensable basis for effective communication with patients and the dental laboratory.

This book is a short, practical guide on how to perform photo documentation in a professional and standardized manner in all practice-related applications.

The optimal camera and lens settings for all conventional portrait photographs, lip views, intraoral images, photography tips, and patient instructions are clearly summarized on a single page for each technique. Intuitive examples demonstrate the use of lip retractors and intraoral mirrors. In addition, the author provides recommendations for reliable photographic equipment based on many years of experience.

The book comes in a ring-binder format, suitable for stand-up display and making reference easy for the user. Dental Photography - Portfolio Guidelines will guide you and your patients through photo documentation with confidence.

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