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Endodontology: An Integrated Biological and Clinical View

Endodontology: An Integrated Biological and Clinical View

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Endodontology: An integrated biological and clinical view is a very unique collection of histological images combined with supporting text. Essentially, this is a work that is at the same time an atlas and a textbook about clinical endodontics, based on strong biological grounds that eliminate the gap between clinical practice and biological issues. It bridges the basic knowledge, which common endodontic textbooks provide, to an in-depth understanding of endodontic biology.
In this book, that biology is shown so that the reader can visualize what happened, understand what is happening, and predict what will happen with the patient. Chapters are also included that not only show and describe several aspects of the dental and periodontal tissues in both normality and disease, but also reveal the tissue responses to treatment procedures.
In this book, Dr Ricucci has added Professor José Siqueira from Brazil as a coauthor and thereby expanded the core content and the overall quality. This is especially noted in the microbiological content of the atlas. This has added a significant depth of subjects associated with endodontic infections.
This book is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, specialists, professors and researchers in the fields of endodontics, pathology and microbiology. General dentists dealing with 'caries' pathology on a daily basis and its pulp and periradicular sequelae will also benefit from the information provided in this book.

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