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Essentials of Maxillary Sinus Augmentation

Essentials of Maxillary Sinus Augmentation

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Sinus augmentation has become a routine surgical procedure to increase the height of the edentulous atrophied posterior maxilla. Numerous techniques have been developed and perfected, allowing for a high survival rate of implants placed after sinus elevation. This book highlights pertinent anatomical landmarks and uses comprehensive clinical presentations to demonstrate the use of the latest ultrasonic devices for both lateral and crestal approaches as well as to discuss the management of possible complications. The goal of this book is to help clinicians understand each surgical step of the illustrated maxillary sinus augmentation procedures and the evidence-based rationale behind the decision-making. As such, the authors have created an up-to-date and accessible resource that every dentist performing sinus augmentation should have on hand for clinical guidance.
360 illustrations
1. Sinus elevation: General considerations
2. Anatomical landmarks: Preoperative considerations
3. Instruments and biomaterials
4. The lateral approach technique
5. The crestal approach technique
6. Preoperative risk assessment and postoperative care

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