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Implants in the Esthetic Zone: A Step-by-Step Treatment Strategy

Implants in the Esthetic Zone: A Step-by-Step Treatment Strategy

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Written by a highly respected and innovative surgeon, this book presents an unconventional implant treatment strategy for the esthetic restoration of anterior teeth that has proven effective over years of clinical experience. In addition to reviewing biologic principles, treatment planning, indications, esthetic analysis, and prosthetic options, the author focuses on factors such as gentle tooth extraction, precise implant positioning, criteria for one- and two-stage implant placement, and most importantly, a wide range of soft tissue management techniques in his approach.

This book also presents techniques to improve the esthetic outcome of any dental implant therapy, regardless of treatment strategy. With more than 4,000 clinical images and illustrations of all procedures and techniques discussed, this tour de force by a leader in implant dentistry raises the reader's awareness of the high demands of implant dentistry and how clinicians can achieve optimal results.

Chapter 01 Introduction
Chapter 02 Esthetics
Chapter 03 Possible failures
Chapter 04 Biological principles
Chapter 05 Treatment planning principles
Chapter 06 Prosthetic planning/alternatives to dental implants
Chapter 07 Prosthetic options to compensate for tissue deficits
Chapter 08 Initial analysis
Chapter 09 Extraction
Chapter 10 Implant position
Chapter 11 Immediate implants
Chapter 12 Implant placement with simultaneous guided bone regeneration (GBR)
Chapter 13 Two-stage implant procedures
Chapter 14 Soft tissue grafting
Chapter 15 Stage-two implant surgery
Chapter 16 Stage-two surgery with simultaneous soft tissue grafting
Chapter 17 Temporary restoration
Chapter 18 Prosthetics
Chapter 19 Summary: Six case examples step by step

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