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Laminate veneers

Laminate veneers

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Version anglaise du Livre "Facettes en céramique" de Stefen Koubi

Disponible également en français


While materials and techniques for creating beautiful indirect restorations are widely available, literature specifically applying these concepts to laminate veneers is lacking. This clinical handbook fills that gap by providing 20 simplified techniques that will enable dentists to obtain impressive results in every clinical situation using laminate veneers. Each technique is described step by step and beautifully illustrated, with digitally available clinical videos adding an interactive and engaging layer to the educational experience. All of the techniques in this book have three important things in common: they are feasible, they are teachable, and they are repeatable, making this book a practical and accessible guide for any clinician interested in providing minimally invasive esthetic treatment to their patients in the form of laminate veneers.

Augmented reality in this book!
This book contains augmented reality videos available for free from your smartphone or tablet. Easy, reliable, instant, and offline, find at any time the selected multimedia content by the authors to enrich your reading experience.

1. Download the app "Quintessence Koubi" on the App Store (iOs) or Google Play (Android).
2. Select a chapter among those with augmented reality content.
3. Locate clinical photographs with the augmented reality symbol.
4. Roll over these photos with your smartphone or tablet with the application to play the videos.

Chapter 01. Systematization of the esthetic approach
Chapter 02. Ingredients: choosing the right ingot
Chapter 03. Laminate veneers: basic principles
Chapter 04. "No prep" approach: when and how?
Chapter 05. Malocclusion retroclined incisors
Chapter 06. Malocclusion proclined incisors
Chapter 07. Laminate veneers: design failure
Chapter 08. Black triangles and diastemas
Chapter 09. Laminate veneer for single dyschromia
Chapter 10. Laminate veneers for multiple dyschromia
Chapter 11. Extra-white laminate veneers
Chapter 12. Congenitally missing lateral incisors
Chapter 13. Laminate veneers and periodontal recessions
Chapter 14. Veneers and orthodontics
Chapter 15. Mixed restorations veneer/crown
Chapter 16. Implant considerations
Chapter 17. Veneers and digital workflow
Chapter 18. Veneers and wear: "prep less" approach
Chapter 19. Veneers and wear: "no prep" approach
Chapter 20. Extreme wear: "prep" approach

About the author:
Doctor Stefen Koubi graduated from the University of Marseille, France, in 1998. He has held the position of Associate Professor in the Restorative Department of Marseille University since 2008 and received his PhD in 2011. He maintains a private practice in Marseille and in Paris. His main areas of interest are esthetic rehabilitation for cosmetic or functional reasons (worn dentition). He has been invited to many prestigious esthetic academies to lecture on simple ways to achieve high-quality esthetic dentistry. He is an invited professor in many esthetic postgraduate programs. Dr Koubi received the Gold Molar title from the students of his university (best teacher of the year) in 2012, and the title of Best French Speaker the same year. Since 2012 he has been a member of Style Italiano community in charge of indirect topics. He founded in 2013 L'Institut de la facette, a private training center focused on smile design for worn dentition and cosmetic rehabilitations. He is the author or co-author of many scientific articles and case reports on esthetic dentistry.

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