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Lingual & Esthetic Orthodontics

Lingual & Esthetic Orthodontics

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In response to a new surge of interest in esthetic orthodontic techniques, this exceptional book details the state of the art in lingual orthodontics. Featuring the experiential knowledge of 34 of the best clinicians from around the world who practice lingual orthodontics on a daily basis, this book represents the first comprehensive clinical reference on the lingual orthodontic technique and reviews the latest advancements in the field, including available bracket systems, innovations in laboratory and simulation techniques, standard biomechanics from alignment to finishing, effective clinical protocols, and helpful tips and tricks for efficient treatment. No other book can match its timely, in-depth coverage of the field of lingual orthodontics.
- The Lingual Appliance: Brackets, Wires, and Accessories
- Updated Laboratory and Simulation Techniques
- Mechanics: from Alignment to Finishing
- Tips and Tricks in Lingual Treatment
- Clear and Esthetic Appliances
- Future of Lingual Orthodontics

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