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Occlusal Splints for Painful Craniomandibular Dysfunction

Occlusal Splints for Painful Craniomandibular Dysfunction

SKU : 9780867157956
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TVA Incluse

New knowledge in the area of functional therapy for patients with orofacial pain and dysfunction has emerged in recent years but has yet to make its way to many dental practices. This book bridges that gap, presenting a practical guide for the treatment of craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD)—a functional disorder that affects the muscles of mastication, temporomandibular joints, and/or occlusion—in patients with related pain. The first half of the book provides detailed but simple clinical instructions and examples of occlusal splint therapy, including splint fabrication and coordinative training for painful CMD, based entirely on a high level of evidence. The second half delves deeper into the etiology, advanced diagnostic techniques, neurobiology, and pathophysiology of painful CMD and splint therapy.

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