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Posterior Direct Restorations

Posterior Direct Restorations

SKU : 9780867158236
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TVA Incluse

This book achieves the ambitious aim of showing dentists how to create conservative and esthetic direct restorations of posterior teeth using composite resin. The book begins with a primer on occlusal anatomy, describing the specifics of each type of posterior tooth. This foundation supports the diagnosis and treatment of lesions, isolation, and cavity preparation for the buildup, as well as modeling, detailing, and finishing of restorations that closely mimic natural tooth anatomy for optimal esthetics and function. Numerous clinical tips and case examples are provided, and the procedural rationale is supported by scientific evidence, in addition to the authors considerable clinical experience. Techniques for a wide range of clinical scenarios are presented to provide practitioners with the information they need to achieve optimal restorations. Contents: Shape and Visual Perception; Anatomical Knowledge for Modeling; Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Caries Lesions; Isolation; Cavity Preparation; Restoring the Interproximal Wall; Occlusal Modeling; Detailing; Finishing, Polishing, and Finalizing the Occlusion; Clinical Cases

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