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Quintessence of Dental Technology 2023

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2023

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Vincent Fehmer 


QDT 2023 is the inaugural issue under editor-in-chief Vincent Fehmer, MDT. Under his editorship, QDT maintains its signature look but with a more fluid design, larger images, more international authors, and a new vision—the feasibility of the presented work and its actual application to daily practice. All patients deserve a beautiful outcome no matter their circumstances, and advancements in digital technology, workflows, and highly esthetic dental materials continue to bring this dream closer to reality. Highlights of this year’s issue therefore include laboratory generated digital concepts in modern dental communication, facially driven planning and rehabilitation, interdisciplinary treatments using digital tools, as well as approaches to enhance anterior esthetics, ensure excellent tooth preparation, and achieve the proper translucency levels, among other topics. Up your game with this volume of QDT.


  • Editorial: Simplicty Meets Esthetics
    (Vincent Fehmer)
  • Enhancing Anterior Esthetics: A Patchwork of Different Types of Ceramics
    (Carola Wohlgenannt)
  • Predictable Anterior Esthetics in a Complex Case of a Young Patient with a Congenital Missing Central Incisor
    (Arndt Happe, Anja Krüssmann, and Leonie Debring)
  • Laboratory-Generated Digital Concepts in Modern Dental Communication for the Restorative Team: Creating the Virtual Patient
    (Joshua Polansky and Graham Forbes)
  • Is Our Job a Lifelong Journey? What Is the Motivation? Is There a Key to Success?
    (Katrin Rohde)
  • Facially Driven Full-Mouth Rehabilitation: An Interdisciplinary Approach
    (Mirela Feraru, Ion Nicolescu, Mihai Dorobantu, Michael Tulchinsky, Stefano Inglese, and Nitzan Bichacho)
  • The Digital Roadmap for Edentulous Patients in Implant Prosthodontics
    (Luc Rutten and Patrick Rutten)
  • Central Incisor Mock-up: A Fundamental Role in Esthetic Rehabilitation
    (Giuseppe Romeo, Georgi Iliev, and Galip Gürel)
  • Interdisciplinary Treatments Using Digital Tools for Diagnosis, Communication, and Execution
    (Gustavo Giordani, Florin Cofar, Eric Van Dooren, Marcelo Giordani, Ioan Barbur, and Ioana Popp)
  • Facially Generated Esthetic Planning
    (Shogo Yamamoto and Takuya Yada)
  • The Injection Resin Technique Using Digital Design: An Interdisciplinary Approach
    (Douglas A. Terry, Wesam Salha, Memo Castro, and Markus B. Blatz)
  • Digital and Analog Approach for Precise and Predictable Restorative Treatments
    (Jun Iwata and Shinya Kuramoto)
  • Mucogingival Rotational Tooth Preparation in the Management of Soft Tissues in Fixed Prostheses
    (Ivan Contreras Molina)
  • Classification and Indication of Zirconia Restorations According to Layering Design and Thickness
    (Naoki Hayashi)
  • Translucency Levels: Full Layering vs Microlayering
    (Aiham Farah, the Aurum Group, and Volinder S. Dhesi)
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