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Understanding Bruxism: Current Knowledge and Practice

Understanding Bruxism: Current Knowledge and Practice

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Bruxism is a common parafunction, and over the last 15 years the profession has become aware of just how destructive it can be to the masticatory structures when left untreated. However, because it is still seen as a multifaceted phenomenon that is difficult to treat, many practitioners assume that it is incurable. This book answers these doubts and concerns by outlining the various etiologies and aggravating factors of bruxism, distinguishing the different types of bruxism, and demonstrating how to complete a differential diagnosis. Then, in keeping with the latest evidence, the authors promote a more conservative approach to treatment and outline which treatment strategies to use in different situations.179 illustrations Contents: Part I: Current Knowledge About Bruxism 1. Bruxism 2. Etiologies 3. Pathophysiology of Sleep Bruxism 4. Clinical Diagnosis of Bruxism 5. Differential Diagnosis and Polysomnography 6. Awake Bruxism 7. Sleep Bruxism 8. Sleep and Pain 9. Bruxism in Children and Adolescents 10. Bruxism and Temporomandibular Disorders 11. Dental Wear and Bruxism Part 11: Management of Bruxism 12. Advice and Counseling for Management 13. Pharmacology and Bruxism 14. Oral Appliances 15. Bruxism and Restorative Dentistry 16. Ultraconservative Rehabilitation of Patients Displaying Severe Tooth Wear 17. Extended Bonded Restorative Dentistry 18. Bruxism and Implant Restorations 19. Follow-up and Maintenance 20. Conclusions and Perspectives

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